The NEW website for families is ONLINE!

Genoa, December 23, 2015

Dear Friends,

We are very glad to announce that the new 2016 PRINTO website for families' is now ready for launch in 27 languages for 29 countries!

The new website represents an important reference for children, adolescents and young adults affected by paediatric rheumatic diseases and their families. It provides useful information on symptoms, diagnosis, therapy and impact on the every-day life of these diseases, together with the contacts of specialized paediatric centres and family associations for each country of the PRINTO/PRES networks.

Updated information and a renewed graphical user interface are now offered in 27 languages. For other 25 languages the updating work is still in progress; in this transition period, the main information remain accessible through the links to the first PRINTO website for families (2003 version), visited by more than 11.000 people per day.

The new website contents can be shared on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc), and are accessible with all portable devices (tablets, smartphones). A dedicated APP is available for Android OS.

It is important to underline that in order for your centre to be listed, you need to complete the SHARE survey for physicians ( or contact PRINTO for new family associations.

The 2016 renovation of the website has been possible thanks to a grant from the European Union named SHARE (PI Nico Wullfraat, Co-PI PRINTO, project number 2011 1202), funding from the Gaslini Hospital (Genoa, Italy) and with the invaluable cooperation of the PRINTO/PRES members and family associations.

It is with gratitude and appreciation that we would like to thank all the contributors who made this possible.
For your information in a few weeks also the new PRINTO website ( will be launched to celebrate the PRINTO 20th anniversary (1996-2016).
Best wishes for your holidays!

Warm regards,

Prof Alberto Martini, MD for PRINTO/PReS
Nicola Ruperto, MD, MPH for PRINTO
Prof. Nico Wulffraat, MD and Bas Vastert, MD, PhD for SHARE
Silvia Scala, Elisa Patrone, Marco Garrone (PRINTO research assistants)
Roberto Cavanna and Luca Villa (PRINTO web-developers)


PRINTOThe NEW website for families is ONLINE!The NEW website for families is ONLINE!/img/logo_PRINTO.png2015-12-23

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